The Peony Pavilion
A Timeless story of forbidden love

The Peony Paviliona timeless love story of two young lovers that moved the hearts of the judge, the ghosts, the goblins and the spirits of the underworld.

This mythological love drama of life and death has been hailed as a rarely seen in recent years’ staging of historical Chinese classic.

Presented by Jingling Dance Company, a highly acclaimed troupe in China, the new creation has recently been performed to full capacity audiences at the New York Lincoln Centre.

Mixing classical dance, folk dance, ballet, hip hop, Kungfu and acrobatics with traditional Kunqu Opera, this play stays true to the core spirit of Tang Xian Zu’s original work, in which freedom of love was forbidden in a feudal society of Southern Song, but was highly praised by the playwright.

Award winning lead performances present the original aesthetic romantic interpretation with style, fantasy and colours.

A four-act performance with unique and wonderful feast of music, dance and stage design, all working in union to showcase this “Romeo and Juliet” love story in a Chinese setting.

This historical and visually thrilling production is an easy and exciting way for non-Chinese audiences to enjoy a traditional Chinese art form.

The love story that unfolds between 16-year-old Du Liniang and a young scholar named Liu Mengmei begins at the Peony Pavilion, and lives on today as an enduring story of forbidden love.

16 FEB 2013