Tong Yao Concert 2014
Little Teresa Deng Brings the Old Time Back

Almost all Chinese know Teresa Deng. Her beautiful sound and songs have been deeply implanted in all Chinese’s hearts. Particularly during the 80s of the last century, Teresa’s gentle melody of her songs was widely spread in mainland China, and moved hundreds of millions of Chinese people. Although now she has passed away, her songs continue to be sung all over the world, her unique style of singing and performing also continues to be imitated.

Tong Yao, with her sweet voice and elegant appearance, has become the most successful imitate singer of Teresa Deng. When she sings the classic songs of Teresa on stage, it seems Teresa Deng had just come back from heaven and the past old time had reappeared in front the audience. 

Together with China Opera and Dance Theatre Symphony Orchestra, Tong Yao, the gold medal winner of the CCTV music video contest, came to Auckland and performed in Skycity Theater on 15 & 16 November 2014. More than 700 people watched the concert and completed touched and moved by her beautiful songs. 

15 November 2014