Shanghai International Tourism Festival 2013

Shanghai International Tourism Festival is one of the grandest events which represents Shanghai as an international metropolitan. It is the festival that belongs to the people from the whole world. 

There are different parades and performances during the festival, and it attracts millions of people from all provinces and regions in China, as well as other countries. The spectacular event has become one of the most important window of Shanghai, the east-meet-west oriental pearl, to show the entire world its new look.

The 24th Shanghai International Tourism Festival was held from 14 September to 8 October 2013. It was jointly organized by Shanghai Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, Shanghai Tourism Bureau and the Shanghai Culture Broadcast Film & Television Board.

New Zealand Asia Trust proudly brought City of Manukau pipes and drums to participate the Festival in 2013. The pipe and drum performers joined the parade as part of the opening ceremony. There were total of 32 performing groups with more than 1200 people. This fantastic event attracted more than 3.5 million people and truly become a great showcase not only for Shanghai but also for many other counties such as New Zealand.

New Zealand Asia Trust is very pleased to be part of this wonderful festival and will continue our commitment and contribution for the culture exchange between New Zealand and other countries.

14 September 2013