The Red Dress

The Red Dress by the China Ningbo Performance & Arts Group tells the touching love story of a young man and a young woman from two rich families in an ancient town in southern China. Sweethearts since they were young, they fall in love and then move apart. The promise of marriage makes the beautiful bride-to-be wait for years with her dream of a red wedding dress. The production consists of four acts including “Dream Love” “Dream Farewell” “Dream Return” and “Dream Wedding”. Through the unique Chinese folk dance language—with a combination of southern China’s folk customs such as “Daughter’s Wine” of Shaoxing, “Descendants’ Bucket” of Ningbo, “Rolling Silkworms” of Jiaxing, and others—the production presents this most cherished ceremony of a southern Chinese girl’s life, and paints a vivid picture of the special wedding customs of southern China. It conveys the grandness and exquisiteness of China’s folk culture, as well as the dream and pursuit of the Chinese for peace and happiness.


Since its debut at Ningbo Grand Theatre this drama has been performed at such well-known Asian venues as the National Centre for the Performing Arts, Shanghai Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Taiwan Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, among others. Its first seven performances in Ningbo were sold out. When it was performed in Shanghai, the company received and unprecedented six curtain calls while the audience still refusing to leave. In Hong Kong, the box office of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre put up the seldom seen “full house” sign. It has won the 11th National Spiritual Civilization Five Top Project Prize, and the Excellent Repertoire Award of the Seventh China Dance Lotus Award.


From March 6 to 9 in 2014, China Arts and Entertainment Group presented 4 performances of The Red Dress at Lincoln Center in New York, US.