• Bo Li

    Chairman of New Zealand Asia Trust, Bo has long been working in cross cultural communications business for more than a decade. He is the founder and managing director of leading cross culture business communication company, Asiaworks, managing director of Chinalion Film Entertainment. He is also the board member of New Zealand China Trade Association. 

  • Leo Liu

    Leo has worked as senior business communication consultant. He has been working as client director of the local leading cross culture communication agency, Asiaworks, providing services to a number of top brands including SKYCITY. Leo is also the founder and principal of Qingguan Sunday Culture School (North shore). 

  • Masa Sekikawa

    Being involved in film and television production since 1981 in New Zealand.
    My production house Cubic Film produced more than 300 TVCs, and joined in production of feature films   such as The Last Samurai, The Emperor and several Japanese feature films.

    Currently manages a television station as a member of founders of the World TV (WTV).
    I am involved with APFF since the first event heled in Auckland in 2013.

  • Preston Zhang

    Preston is founder and managing director of Asia Pacific Connection Centre. He has been working in culture exchange area in New Zealand for long time. He has organized more than 20 stage performance from overseas to New Zealand in recent years. 

  • Seonghun Lee (James)

    James is a talented event producer who directed a lot of famous festivals for over 10 years. He took part in some very important festivals held in Korea such as G -Star International Game Show, Korea International Boat Shows, Korea science festival, Gyeonggi International Venture Show and heaps more. In New Zealand he took part in Korean Day, Asia Pacific Film Festival and Santa Parade; Korea pre-parade. He also works for the Korean Society as the director of planning.

  • Nam Woo Lee

    Nam Woo Lee had quite a few years of working experience in cross cultural communication in Korean Government and he also organised 35th WACS(World Association of Chefs Society) World Congress in Korea as an assistant director. He has been studying in translation area between Korean and English language at Auckland University and he became a full member of NZSTI (New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters Incorporated) in 2013. He also works for Korean Community and church as one of the leaders.     

  • Wendy Chu

    Wendy had many years of working experience in cross-border organizations in China and Japan before she migrated to New Zealand in late 1990’s. She had worked in senior management role for NZ’s leading financial institution focus in Greater China region for more than 10 years. During her past working experiences, her focus was particularly managing client’s relationships, as well as looking after the branding and marketing strategy for the organization.

    Wendy is Fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese. She has thorough understanding on eastern and western cultures. She is also a consummate and integral communicator, has in-depth experience in relationship management and business development.


  • Jerry Shi

    Project Manager of Asia Pacific Culture Connection Center, Jerry has been organized several large scale of performances in New Zealand, for Asian Community, as well as Event Manager for New Zealand Asia Trust.


New Zealand Asia Trust is a registered none-profit charitable organization (CC50640).

We are committed to help Asian bridge the barrier of language and culture differences and integrate Asian culture into mainstream, promote culture understanding across New Zealand diversity communities.

By offering culture driven events, education and activities, we believe it will create opportunity to get people together to improve the understanding of each other and live a better life in our multicultural society today.

Help us for funding projects and sponsoring activities, let’s together building a bright future.